Not all computer hardware is created equal. The proven products we sell are the same products we install and support for our own small business customers. Our prices are very competitive, but there will always be another retailer selling similar products, for a little less.

An important thing to consider when buying computer products is the warranty service associated with that product. If we sell a PC which develops a fault within the warranty period, we more often than not, replace the faulty item from our stock, on the spot, and then we chase the warranty replacement from our wholesalers on our time, not yours.

Our vendor partner relationships:

Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist Symantec Software Partner Member of the Genuine Intel Dealer Program
Kyocera Authorised Reseller Authorised Flexi-Rent Agent  

Brands we proudly sell:

Dlink Sony LG
Benq Australia Pioneer Seagate
Linksys Kingston Legend
Panasonic Shintaro Creative
Gigabyte ASUS Telstra Bigpond

Products we stock:

  • All types of computer accessories
  • Hard Disks
  • RAM Modules
  • Intel CPU's
  • Motherboards (Intel, Gigabyte and ASUS)
  • RAID Controller Cards
  • I/O Cards (Including serial and printer port cards)
  • Video Accelerator Cards (AGP, PCI and PCI Express)
  • DVD and CD Writer Drives
  • Blank DVD & CD media (Including Dual Layer DVD)
  • Backup Equipment (Tape Drives, Media , External USB2.0/Firewire Hard Disks)
  • USB2.0 and Firewire adaptor cards
  • Mice and Keyboards
  • Printers (Inkjet, Mono Laser and Color Laser)
  • Complete range of USB and Firewire Accessories
  • Video over IP security and monitoring solutions
  • Voice over IP telephone adaptor hardware
  • Retail software from Symantec, Microsoft and other vendors
  • Network and Broadband Routers
  • Modems (Dial-up and ADSL)
  • Full range of cables (network, printer, USB, Firewire, phone etc)
  • Full range of adaptors
  • ADSL Filters
  • Networking equipment (hubs, switches, LAN cards)
  • Wireless networking equipment (routers, cards and access points)
  • Printer cartridges
  • Photo printing paper
  • TFT, CRT and Touch Screen Monitors

Products we custom build (from components in stock):

Products we special order (usually next day delivery)

  • Laptop & Notebook Computers (we usually have demo stock to show you)
  • Laptop batteries
  • Laptop Power Adaptors (including car adaptors)
  • PDA and handheld components