Network servers

STOP: Don't waste thousands of dollars purchasing the wrong server; buy the right server the first time! If you already have a quote for a new server, feel free to give us a call; we can show you how to identify exactly what you are being quoted for.

Our servers are a large part of our success.

FACT: When you have a server installed on your network, all your workstations then rely on that server to be operating correctly at all times. If your server goes down, your workstations go down, your business goes down

Small Business Server 2003You need to partner with a company who can maintain your server and rectify server issues in a reliable and efficient manner. Do you believe your data will be recoverable after a disaster if its not protected and backed up successfully on a daily basis? Do you really believe a phone support technician based in India will be able to get your server back online after catastrophic failure, in a reliable and efficient manner? Do you fancy waiting days for a technician from a third party support company who won't know your network or your business from a hole in the ground even when they do finally get there?

You need a local company with local resources to keep your server operating 24/7: That company is Small Business Servers Australia Pty Ltd.

Don't be fooled by entry level server packages which lack features or include cheap inferior components. Please ask yourself the following questions when comparing prices and features:

  • What are the RAID Controller capabilities, if RAID capabilities are included?
  • Is more than one tape or backup hard disk included? (we prefer a minimum of 10 individual media)
  • How much do extra tapes cost? (cheap drives usually require expensive media)
  • Is the tape drive specified in native or compressed capacity?
  • What is the UPS capacity?
  • Does the server come with a keyboard, mouse and screen?
  • Is server based antivirus software included, and if so how long does the license last?
  • Is installation and configuration by a Microsoft Small Business Specialist included?

These features are an essential part of any server installation, and many companies will charge you dearly on top of the ‘entry level' basic server price for these items. When you are searching for a server please be sure to compare apples with apples. Our budget server package is a complete network server package with everything you need to run MS Small Business Server 2003 successfully in your small business on a relatively tight budget.

We can supply, install, configure, monitor and maintain a network server package for any small business environment with 1-75 workstations. Please don't hesitate to give us a call for a FREE 'Business Technology Assessment' to find out what we can do to increase the productivity of your IT infrastructure.