About Small Business Servers

Small Business Servers Australia Pty Ltd (SBSA) is based in Greensborough, which is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne around 20 minutes from the CBD. We provide professional IT services to a large and varied array of companies and home based businesses all over Melbourne . Our business was created in late 1999, trading first as ‘Shen Solutions' and then after incorporation in November 2003 the company commenced trading as Small Business Servers Australia Pty Ltd.

SBSA is one of a handful of Victorian companies certified as a ‘Microsoft Small Business Specialist'. We earned this certification from Microsoft by meeting the certification requirements which prove our ability to design and implement successful IT solutions for small businesses based on Microsoft's Server Operating Systems. This certification reflects on our many years of experience designing, installing and managing small business computer networks.

Over the years, SBSA has built up a loyal customer base because of our excellent reputation for creating accurate and cost effective solutions. We are looking for customers to grow with. We can help your business run more efficiently, thereby enabling you to extract more from your most valuable commodity - time. Our proven company processes combine with superior project management practices to ensure smooth Server rollouts and network maintenance.

What we do

The team here at Small Business Servers Australia specialises in deploying and maintaining computer networks based on the Microsoft Small Business Server range of operating systems and our own custom built server and workstation hardware. We build our own servers and workstations because we find this to be the most effective way to control the quality of our products.

You can rely on our knowledge and experience because we are certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists!

Be sure to take a look at our budget server package for the budget conscious small business that wants access to powerful computer networks just like large companies use, at a fraction of the price!

Who should you choose to manage your IT infrastructure?

That is the challenge. Who should you trust to keep your business data safe? We are aware that this industry suffers from a lack of regulation; just about anyone can call themselves an IT consultant. We are Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists, peace of mind that we align our company processes to ‘Microsoft Best Practice'. We appreciate your difficulty in finding reliable and accessible computer services. Rest assured, we do not hide from customers behind unanswered mobile phones, nor do we divert calls to phone operators in third world countries. We are on your side and your success is our success.

Motivated team

We are a very tight and efficient team; we take pride in what we do and we do it well. We become part of your business - we are careful with your data and our company processes are second to none. We take pride in knowing what to do and how to do it as fast as the job will allow; we do not take short cuts which may produce unreliable results. No one could possibly push us more than we push ourselves because our team is highly motivated.

Our response time is very good, and we pride ourselves on this fact. Have you heard of companies that promise to respond within a certain time? We advise you not to depend on claims like these; after all, anyone could send a technician to your office to poke around, knowing full well the issue or failure will not be rectified that day, but they did respond! When we respond, we come prepared, and we endeavour to rectify the issue on the first visit.

At SBSA, we never rest on our laurels; every member of our team spends many hours per week keeping up with this industry. We are a small team and we are looking for customers who appreciate our knowledge and who are willing to pay for expert support so that their business and IT infrastructure continues to be highly productive. We put a lot of effort into training and we also choose our staff on their honesty and integrity. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Most of our team actually own part of our company! If you would like to drop in to meet our team, we would be more than happy to see you.

Our name is all you need to know for all your IT requirements - in fact, our consultation services have also accelerated into other areas due to our vast experience. SBSA is closely affiliated with professional website designers and software/database programmers so we can also supply services for all your web and programming projects too.

We understand small businesses

SBSA is a small business itself; we have worked hard to progress to where we are today. We respect what a small business has to go through and we would like to help you succeed. We know that our success depends on the success of the businesses we support. We offer you a complete ‘One Stop Shop' for all your small business IT needs.